There is nothing to be wasted

Our collection points

There is nothing to be wasted

Our collection points

We are aware that plastic is necessary so that communities with fewer resources can access the most basic needs at a low cost.

For this reason, to solve the problem of plastic pollution, we do not want to demonize its use, but rather encourage responsible practice. To combat bad habits, such as indiscriminate burning or improvised landfills, we create collection points in the communities where we pay for the plastic that they can no longer use.

Thus, this waste does not end up in the environment while we give communities resources to reinvest.

So plastic has value. So there’s nothing to be wasted


We are creating a social change in the way communities relate with their waste. Check this!

After a lot of hard work and time, finally we are really happy to present our first sorting center, which is located in Art center Beach, Accra.

The construction, approximately 30 meters long, consists of bamboo walls…

The plastic that we found at our events needed a place to go. There is no more to say.

For this reason we have worked tirelessly to find a place not only to store it, but to be able to transform it and useful products and be used by other companies.