Join against plastic pollution in Africa


Our programs and projects are only possible with the collaboration of our associates. Through your contributions we are able to develop our clean ups, collection points or the technology for waste disposal. In general, all the projects that allow us to give visibility and solutions to the problem of plastic pollution in Africa and the rest of the world.

For every 10 euros allocated to the association, more than 100 kg of plastic is removed from sewers, beaches and seas on Africa.

Your small contributions have allowed us not only to be in Nigeria, but also to expand to Ghana, create collection points and even open our recycling factory. So for those who think that help is insignificant, remember that the union of many has the power to change the world.

What you get for joining:

♻️100% cotton ecological t-shirts
♻️Donation certificate
♻️Ecological packaging
♻️Progress reports to show what your funds have done
♻️Be an Eco-hero!


Save on rent

You can deduct up to 80% of your donation in your income statement. We take care of providing this information to the Treasury and we send you your tax certificate by email.