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OUR clean ups

This is not a random picture. This is a picture taken by our team member @santiagodelca who is right now in Accra, Ghana. 🇬🇭🤎

We can assure that we have a new place spotted for the next event.♻️🙌🏿

Welcome to Lagos, one of the two capitals of Nigeria.

Lagos is extremely popular in the world due to its financial influence on the African Gulf, as well as its rich culture and cosmopolitan character…

our facilities

After a lot of hard work and time, finally we are really happy to present our first sorting center, which is located in Art center Beach, Accra.

The construction, approximately 30 meters long, consists of bamboo walls…

The plastic that we found at our events needed a place to go. There is no more to say.

For this reason we have worked tirelessly to find a place not only to store it, but to be able to transform it and useful products and be used by other companies.

PROJECTs in schools

we were encouraged to make a new travel, this time to one of the community schools and understand some of its problems.
During the first week of June we celebrated World Environment Week 2022. We could not miss this important date to develop an environmental awareness project. This time in Spain, where most of our associates are from.

OUR past projects

El Lago de los hippies” or the seed that gave birth to Mondo. 

And finally it happened !!! .
On the 21st of September, during the Worldcleanupday2019, mondo4africa participated and did their part in the community of Makoko..

Bit by bit, Mondo4Africa’s fever spreads all around the continent touching every region and soul. You can find our volunteers already cleaning Nungua’s beach, in Ghana as we promised.