Recycled material murals

Hello there! How is going your summer?

We hope that as well as ours! However we have not had time to go on vacation due to our concern for the environment does not reach rest!

During the first week of June we celebrated World Environment Week 2022. We could not miss this important date to develop an environmental awareness project. This time in Spain, where most of our associates are from.

Thanks to the area of tourism, commerce, environment, health and economic development of the Guillena city council, we created this amazing projects characterized by the creation and exhibition of recycled murals in the 4 schools of the municipality.

In order for the message of recycling to reach the youngest, in addition to the exhibition of the murals, we were invited to give talks to all the classes of the students of the centers.

Keep reading and do not miss the development of this incredible week.

Murals made with recycled material

Kelly & Tete during the creation of the murals

Taking advantage of its twentieth anniversary, the theme chosen for the murals is a recreation of the most touristic and natural element representative of Guillena: The Water Route, also called “Ruta del Agua”.

The murals were made with recycled products like plastic bottles, bottle covers and cans. We also taught the children the importance of protecting the environment and how to recycle their waste. Turning trash into beautiful artistic pieces.

In this exhibition we try to recreate how, through good consumption, care and recycling, the landscape of our environment is acquiring more order and beauty, going from polluted water (dark blue), a chaotic mountain (red cans) and cloudy skies (white), to a more orderly and clean landscape.

The murals are already on display in the four schools of Guillena, Las Pajanosas and Torre de la Reina.

They will be placed indefinitely, with the aim of serving as an inspiration for the youngest for generations.

Environmental activities in schools

It’s absolutely possible to reduce plastic waste till we have a plastic-free world, and prevent the world from becoming an overflowing dumpster. We can do this by teaching and inspiring the next generation to protect our planet.
Teaching kids about recycling can be fun, creative and engaging! The 3 ‘Rs’ of waste management can be simplified to create lasting impact on recycling and sustainability education.

So that the message would be saved forever, we combined our talks with games, such as a race for recycling, where the students have to run and place the recycled materials where they belong.

That has been the central point of our message in schools, and we have to recognize it, we have been surprised by the involvement of the youngest with recycling!

Kelly asks the children to draw a superhero who cares about the environment

Our conclusions this week have been overwhelming. What we have found has been an enormous implication on the part of the children, the schools and the public organisms for the environment.

We have practically learned more from them than their way around!

Special thanks:

This project would not have been possible without:

The area of tourism, commerce, environment, health and economic development of the Guillena city council:
– Ana Martín
– Verónica Correa

The four schools of Guillena:

  1. CEIP Nuestra Señora del Carmen (located in Torre de la Reina)
  2. CEIP Virgen del Rosario (located in Las pajanosas)
  3. CEIP Guillena (in Guillena)
  4. CEIP Andalusia (In Guillena)

With this final thanks we say goodbye: If you have received this message it is because your contribution has allowed us to continue working.

Thank you!

We are committed to fight the plastic and waste crisis whilst raising eco-champions from across Africa, Spain and the rest of the world. You can be a part of it too!

Make recycling fun! Create sorting activities where they can sort your recycling into the correct materials or you can create a scavenger hunt where your children can find recyclable materials around the house.

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