Our work does not end with the collection and disposal of waste in the places where we operate. Our work also focuses on raising awareness about plastic pollution and climate change in African countries.

Our goal is to create a cultural, social and economic awareness that allows a change in the population and that ends up having repercussions on the political agenda.

check out our activism wherever we go:

Advocacy in NIgeria

The indiscriminate disposal of waste continues to be a continuous challenge to the collection and correct separation, and is the subject of the journalist in our facility.

How waste can stop environment pollution and make a positive impact on poverty reduction.

We work for a future where we can say “Waste? there is nothing to be wasted”

A documental about waste, recycling, reclaimations of land and seed. A Climate Justice Film, which premiered on @africancrossroads

Advocacy in Ghana

Togbe appeared on @4sytetv where we announced our clean up oon Akuma Village. 

Our clean ups in the country’s news, raising awareness of the pollution problem off the coast of Ghana.

Showing our plastic bricks on The Breakfast show – Ghana
Advocating for sustainability and the projects we are working.