Sevilla Clean UP

Sevilla Clean Up, The seed that gave birth to Mondo. .

At the begging of 2019 a group of 9 Spanish young guys from Sevilla posted a simple message on Social Media:

“16th March at 11.30am we invite you all to accompany us to a trash pick up, as big at is can be, next to the “Hippies Lake”

They created a Facebook event where everyone who wanted to be part of it was welcome. .

When they publish it, it got shares hundreds of times and got the attention of radio, media and private enterprises like Anakawallets, Onfleek Travell y Paddle SurfSevilla really commited to the cause
Mondo Sevilla

On the Event day, a total of 148 volunteers attended the call done by this group of friends. In just few hours they were able to clean the majority of the Lake filling a total of 12 containers.

The initial group was form by:

  • Álvaro Gayoso @gayonso
  • Alfonso Abaurre Gonzalo
  • Felipe Gayoso
  • Narciso Corrales
  • Francisco Robert
  • Javier Ibáñez
  • Pablo Guijarro
  • Santiago del Castillo @santiagodelca
  • Pablo Bajo

After the success of the cleaning event in Sevilla, Mondo was born. Its mission is to work towards having a real impact around the globe. Working 4 Change is more than just words. It represents our DNA. We don’t just talk about doing something but we actually follow through.

What is your story? Tell us what are you doing to fight climate change.

If you want to be part of our initiative for the environment, please reach out and let us know!

be tuned for more!