School supplies in Makoko


Makoko is still our seed and our soul. The start of our journey.
And since it has to keep pumping blood, we must take care of it to prevent a heart attack. For this reason, we have been working lately on new projects in the community.

We have worked in Makoko on numerous occasions, always with the aim of tackling environmental issues.
However, after several visits we were concerned by our guide’s comments on the education system in the community.
For this reason, we were encouraged to make a new travel, this time to one of the community schools and understand some of its problems.

With the company of our regular guide, Sunday, we went to one of the schools in the area to understand their condition and deficiencies.

This school is among one of the four in Makoko that teach English. Two schools teach English while the other two french. This one teaches students for free.

It is highly populated with students but lack good classroom and materials. The total children in the school is over 300+ but the classroom isn’t more than 4 tutors.

The students lacking all educational materials and facilities including good toilet , marker board , space for school desk, etc. 

We have been studying the ways in which we can make a small contribution to this school system. For that reason, from mondo4africa we want to start directing other types of projects where we can help the community.

Our first contribution will be the donation of school supplies (A notebook, pencil and eraser for each of the students of this free school). As we have been doing so far, we are going to start in a humble way. The important is to take action, so that the projects appear under their own weight, for this reason.


After a long wait and a lot of work, we managed to move the materials from the donor, Raghda Oraha, to the small community of Makoko, where we had to coordinate with teachers, tutors, the principal, and heads of the community.

More than 100 children benefited from our materials, but with the intention of turning it into a didactic activity, we held exhibitions where we talked about the importance of recycling and not throwing waste into the community’s waters, the main reason why we started to work in this region.

For this reason, on our next visits to Makoko, we will proceed to continue donating school materials to make education and environmental problems in Lagos more accessible to the little ones.

Special thanks to @geofaruq for his amazing management with schools, teachers and principals. To @shemedesunday12 for still opening the door to his amazing community. And, of course, to @raghdaoraha , For being the promoter of the initiative, for her trust and love for those who have less.❤️

We want to improve their conditions, and we will work to make it possible. 

We will keep you updated for future projects. 



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