Nungua Beach Clean Up

mondo4africa in collaboration with TogbeGhana


Bit by bit, Mondo4Africa’s fever spreads all around the continent touching every region and soul. You can find our volunteers already cleaning Nungua’s beach, in Ghana as we promised.

We are so grateful with @togbeghana because of their campaign “LETS GO CLEAN THE BEACH”. They invited us to participate and collaborate at the cleaning event in #Cocobeach. There’s still a lot left to do and a lot of events that we will soon show to you.

This event has allowed mondo4africa to meet Togbe, with whom we hope to maintain a long-lasting relationship in carrying out cleaning events.

Check out our social networks and don’t miss the events we carry out with Togbe.

If your interested in helping or in our future events do not hesitate and contact us, every help is welcomed!! 

You can be the reason why mondo4africa expands to other countries and continues on its mission to eliminate plastic from the beaches of the African continent

Santiago (mondo4africa) with Togbe, founder of "Lets Go Clean the Beach" initiative