Makoko Clean Up

Welcome to Makoko.

This neighborhood is located in the costline of Lagos, Nigeria. 1/3 of the houses are built on stilts along the lagoon. The rest is on land. There are over 200,000 people, but no one knows for sure 🤯

“The Venice of Africa” took us by surprise when we visited for the first time. It reminded us of Neverland, full of joyfull children that were playing, shouting & dancing. They looked happy. Its strange how you can find it in places where you wouldn’t have imagined it. 

We were guided through the canals by Sunday, who was telling us the story about Makoko, Enugu People from Badagry and Benin Republic that settled here and are dedicated to fishing. 
As we moved further into the village, we were shocked by the amount of waste in the water. Everywhere. It was responsible for the darker color of it. 

The biggest issue is not only towards the Environment, but a serious threat to public health. Polio is known to be a common sickness around. 

Few where looking everywhere. We sat in silence. It was then when we decided to take action.

That is how #projectmakoko was born. No clue about what to do. But, with the aim of marking the community on the map, we were drive on taking a challenge that really excited us. We didn’t know what we were getting ourselves into but didn’t matter at the time. Nor it matter knows.

We started with the management and organization of an event, inviting everyone who could participate. We put in common the main people involved in cleaning the area. The local government, the cleaning administration, and it turned out that they all wanted to solve the problem.

Several companies got involved and the result was our first event,  on 21st of September World Celan Up day 2019 mondo4africa lead more than 80 volunteers  who did their part in the community of Makoko. 

With the help of Wecyclera, Lawma & Yabalcda, we were able to successfully collect 50 tons of Waste! This waste was removed from gutters and in temporary landfills that have been collecting trash for years! .

We want to specially thank all the volunteers who spent a Saturday morning cleaning !! Without your passion and determination we wouldn’t have been able to achieve even a bit of the same!

This wouldn’t have been possible without our partners and sponsors who believe in what we are trying to achieve. .

Project Makoko become  our first chapter of many more initiatives we are conducting in Nigeria and later in Ghana.
We remain committed to our goal of achieving sustainable systems. 
Stay tuned!

WHO MADE THIS event possible

Special shout out to Wecyclers, Fivecowrie, Lawma, and the Makoko community.

Furthermore, We want to highlight the personal work of the following people who with their support took this project forward:

@the_bolanle (wecyclers); @mbiedabasi (our amazing photographer) @mohammedjose (our marketing expert) @shemedesunday (our guide and reference in Makoko) @lumos(thank you for your workers)

And of course, our sponsors: 

@nicky.mel; @omniklimited; @Penresa; @interestyleceramics; Cormat



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