Pull 30 kgs

Directly fund the removal of trash from the STREETS, ocean, rivers and coastlines

Pull 30 kgs or more

The Pull 30 kgs Program is a new way for members of mondoforafrica to directly fund our overall cleanup operations and more. Think of it as a service. You tell us how many kgs you want to remove and we do the rest. To learn more, simply check the information below!

We are currently working with various stakeholders to prioritise the areas where we are going to be carrying out our operations.

Our model is based on Sustainability Principals. Our goal is to work along side the communities to educate on the harmful impact of waste
and the opportunity that recycling could make to their economic situation.

Additionally, we will provide the materials and fund the operations process to dispose the waste adequately.

After making an entry in a community, we will look at ways we could help the community to better preserve the environment and their health.

Our vision is to make MONDO4AFRICA a true solver of the waste crisis in Africa by creating value with the waste. For this, we are looking to build and operate a Sorting Center with the goal of closing the waste cycle.




Where does the money go?

We want to ensure the highest degree of transparency and want to show you where your money is going.

For this reason, those who subscribe to this service will receive our newsletter with graphic images where it shows how their money has been invested in the projects we carry out, so you can see what your contribution has been for.

Also, don’t miss our wall of honor! 👇🏾

Wall of ambassadors

With the intention of rewarding everyone who get more than 500 kgs removed from Africa, we perpetually grant them a position of honor on this page. registering his name below and with that his contribution to a cleaner Africa. Just share your name and instagram account and we do the rest.