Partner against climate change in Africa


Directly fund the removal of 30 kgs of trash from the streets, ocean, rivers, and coastlines in West Africa…and receive newsletters in return where we show you where your money has gone and the events that have been possible thanks to your contribution.

Furthermore, For those who reach 500 kg removed from Africa, we perpetually grant them with a position of honor on “Pull 30 kg” section.  Check or wall in here!


The Pull 30 kgs Program is a new way for members of the clean Africa movement to directly fund our overall cleanup operations and expansion to other regions of Africa. Think of it as a service. You tell us how kgs you want to remove and we do the rest.

Our current operations involve research of places with waste crisis to be solved in Africa. We adquire the materials and built up a cleaning crew who will be cleaning and removing waste from the environment periodically.

We understand that if you request this service you want to see where your money goes … and you do well! transparency is essential if we want to inspire trust. For this reason, those who subscribe to this service will receive our newsletter where it shows how their money has been invested in the projects we carry out, so you can see what your contribution has been for.

Furthermore, with the intention of rewarding everyone who get more than 500 kgs removed from Africa, we perpetually grant them a position of honor on our Wall of Ambassadors.

To learn more just visit our “Pull 30 kgs” Program

Thank you for your support 😀