Mondo4africa T-Shirt


This is the t-shirt that we provided to our volunteers during the clean ups that we carried out.  With your purchase you will help to finance future events in Ghana and Nigeria and, with perseverance, to expand to more regions of Africa.

With every purchase you will fund clean up events in Ghana and Nigeria, removing more than 20kg of plastic from the environment.
What you get;
♻️Ecofriendly 100% cotton T-shirts
♻️Ecological packaging
♻️Progress Reports to show what your funds have doing
♻️Be an Eco-champion!

Thank you very much for supporting ?

Remember to tell us your size in notes when you buy this shirt! (S, M, L, XL, XXL)


Ecofriendly T-shirts 100% cotton, quality 150 grs / m2,short sleeve, white, Beagle model with printing at 1/1 inks (one color for both faces).