Bag to the Future


We use materials from the past to create “Bags to the Future”.

Either as a bag or backpack, it is the perfect complement for the beach, the countryside and any of your excursions.

By purchasing this item, created from recycled materials (from the past) you will be financing our (future) events in Ghana and Nigeria. The proceeds from the sale of our products go 100% to the execution of each of our cleaning and recycling events.

For every 20 backpacks sold an event is possible. And yes, we love Marty Macflay also 😀

What you get;
♻️Ecofriendly 100% cotton bag!
♻️Ecological packaging
♻️Progress Reports to show what your funds have doing
♻️Be an Eco-champion!


Recycled cotton shopping bag 140 gr m² with ropes and long handles.

Material:   Cotton

38.00 x 42.00 cm.

0.10 kg.