partner against climate change in africa

partner against climate change in africa

Our programs and projects would not be possible without the collaboration of our associates. Through your contributions, our general cleaning operations and the creation of collection points, machinery and technology for waste disposal are directly financed. In general, all the projects that allow us to give visibility and solutions to the incredible problem of plastic pollution throughout the world and Africa in particular.

We have a way of explaining how the contribution works, considering the amount of plastic removed from the environment by our volunteers and projects. Thus, we estimate that for every 10 euros allocated to the association, more than 100 kg of plastic is removed from sewers, beaches , lagoons and seas off the African coast.

In the end, this is just an estimate. We really think that the contribution goes much further. your little help has allowed us not only to be in Nigeria, but also to expand to Ghana, the creation of collection points and even the possibility of opening our recycling factory. We thought it was a utopia, but it has been. Thank you for those who have been supporting to date.

So for those who think that the help is insignificant, do not doubt that it has not been, nor will it be.

Where does the money go?

Our projects are wide and very differentiated. From the organization of clean-up events on the beaches of West Africa, to the creation of collection points where individuals can obtain resources in exchange for depositing their plastics there, preventing them from returning to the environment.

All our projects have something in common: to give visibility to and tackle the problem of climate change in Africa and, in particular, the plastic pollution that the neighboring continent is facing.

We invite you to go to “our projects” so that you can see some of our current or past projects.

In any case, to guarantee the greatest possible transparency, for all our partners (whenever they wish) they receive our newsletter with images and information showing our projects that have been financed thanks to their help.

What you get for joining:

♻️A welcoming ecological t-shirts 100% cotton
♻️Eco-friendly packaging
♻️Progress reports to show what your funds have done
♻️Be an Eco-hero!

FINALLY, don’t miss our wall of ambassadors!👇🏾 those members who due to particular circumstances deserve to be on our wall of honor:

Wall of ambassadors

With the intention of rewarding everyone who get more than 500 kgs removed from Africa, we perpetually grant them a position of honor on this page. registering his name below and with that his contribution to a cleaner Africa. Just share your name and instagram account and we do the rest.